See List 8 times Nigerian pastors have allowed the devil to use them

Indeed an End Time…below are 8 different ways Nigerian pastors have allowed the devil to use them. Most pastors did not have the fear of God anymore. They are more concerned about satisfying their selfish desires, forgetting that they are supposed to be a good example to their followers. It is so sad that some Nigerian pastors have decided to drag God’s name in the mud. A good number of them have been caught in compromising situations. When caught, they blame it on the devil. Below are the list of pastor that allow devil to control them..

  1. Pastor caught with human meat and fetish items

 What is a man who calls himself man of God doing with human meat and fetish items? In May, social media was thrown into frenzy when one Pastor Adeniyi Johnson of the Living Faith Church a.k.a Winners Chapel was caught with human meat and some fetish items. Upon interrogation, he said got a divine instruction to go and share the meat to save his dying son.

  2. Pastor Caught Pants Down With Married Woman

 In July, one Prophet Obi O. of Anchor of Restoration Church located at Owufuju Street,Asaba, the Delta state capital, was caught pants down with a married woman. The people made sure they exposed him to the world as he was stripped to his pants and made to hold his church banner while being paraded around. After this embarrassment,doubt he will be able to hold another church service.

  3. Prophet Buries Cow Heads, Tortoise In Church

 Some people will go to any length for fame, power and money. In April, a 34-yer-old prophet, Moses Abiodun of the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), Agbala Dagunduro in Ifedore local government Area of Ondo state was in the news for the wrong reasons. He was accused of being fetish in his ministerial activities. When officials of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) swooped on him, they found some scary things at strategic points inside the church. It was discovered that the so called man of God buried heads of a cow, tortoise, cowries,divination board and other fetish items on the altar and all the entrances of his church. Note everyone is called by God.

  4. Pastor Defiles 7-year-old Girl

It is so sad when older men snatch the innocence of little children. One Pastor Isaiah Ojo, the founder and general overseer of Day Spring Family Chapel, Egbeda area, Ibadan,the Oyo state capital, decided allow the devil use him. He reportedly cornered the 7-year-old daughter of his friend and fellow pastor. He took her to the altar, laid her there and had carnal knowledge of her. Upon interrogation, he said his intention was to touch her and not damage her, adding that he did not penetrate her because her vagina was tight. Why defile a little child when there are many willing adults out there?
5. Pastor Turns Teenage Girls To Séx Objects
It came as a shock when reports surfaced in September that a the General Overseer of Tongue of Fire Ministry, Shogunle, Lagos,Pastor Chukwuma Nkwocha, had been sleeping with some teenage girls in exchange for money to pay their school fees. He was said to have been camping and defiling the about 30 girls between the ages of 10 to 15, in the church compound. He ran out of luck when one of the girls who had a misunderstanding with him spilled the bean to the police. What a shame, from “spiritual daddy” to police suspect.

  6. Pastor Defiles Male Children

 As if pastors have not been involved in enough scandal, an Anglican pastor named,Paul Morah was accused of defiling 24 male children in Ebonyi state. According to report,he used diabolical handkerchief to lure some of the children, especially those who tried to resist him. What a taboo!

  7. Pastor Chains 9-year-old son

Reports like this makes one wonder which God would instruct a pastor to chain children in the name of deliverance. In July, a 40-year-old Celestial Church of Christ pastor, Francis Taiwo, was apprehended by the police for starving and keeping his nine-year-old son in chains for months. According to him, he chained his son, Korede because he was possessed and had an evil spirit which makes him steal. Is chaining him supposed to be a healing process?

  8. Police Find Graves In House Of Prophet Who Chained 28 Persons

A 70-year-old ‘prophet’ identified as Emmanuel Adeyemi, chained his son and 27 others has been arrested by the police in Lagos for allegedly chaining his son, Toba Adedoyin Adeyemi and 27 others. The ‘prophet’ claimed that his son and the 27 others were deranged and he chained them to cure their illness. When did chains become the cure for madness?

  Now let talk If your pastor is caught in a scandal, what will be you reaction?

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