Over 300 people have signed a petition to name a street in Russia after Donald Trump

US President select, Donald Trump may additionally quickly have a street in Russia named after him. 34-years-old Sergey Bizyukin has released a petition to rename a bit alley into "Donald Trump avenue" in honor of the usa President-go with, announcing almost three hundred humans had already signed.

"a few saw it as a funny story and signed because it turned into fun, a few stood for normalization people-Russia ties, and a few signed due to the fact they don't just like the name of Godless road," Bizyukin stated.

The town Ryazan is ready one hundred twenty five miles southeast of Moscow on the Oka River and has a population of 500,000. Its major industries are electronics and oil refining.

Bizyukin says he feels the usa is frequently unfairly portrayed as a hazard to Russia however that the humans in Ryazan and some other place have a much extra nice mind-set.


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