Breaking News! Ali Ndume Has Been Removed As Senate Leader

Senator Ali Ndume of Borno South has been removed as Senate leader as serious symptoms emerged on Tuesday, January 10, that the in-houses crises within the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has taken a brand new flip.

The APC caucus in a letter which turned into transmitted to the Senate on Tuesday forwarded the call of Senator Ahmed Lawan of Yobe North as the brand new Senate chief. in keeping with the APC caucus, the decision turned into arrived at during the birthday party’s caucus meeting on Monday, January nine. however, Ali Ndume has rejected his removal as Senate Majority chief through the APC senate caucus.

“I nevertheless continue to be Senate chief, ” Ndume claimed at some point of a press briefing, including that he turned into now not aware about his elimination by way of the APC Senate Caucus.

Analysts agree with Ndume’s elimination is certain to motive crises within the Senate due to the fact that he'll no longer pass with out a combat.


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